About Us

Our work is passion and commitment

KREATIVE KIDS LEARNING CENTERS are preschool and child care facilities serving the Sacramento and Roseville areas since 2007. Since our inception we have strived to provide exceptional and affordable education. Our Director has been in the child care industry for 28 years and ensures our staff consists of highly qualified and caring teachers. Each teacher has had an extensive background check, has the necessary coursework completed, and is CPR/First Aid Certified.

Statement Of Philosophy

We believe that each child is special and holds the future in their hands. Through planned activities children are challenged to explore their world, solve problems, develop physically, and expand language skills and concepts. By offering additional support in learning we hope to help children encompass an enhanced foundation in their education.

With care, support, and guidance, we strive to promote a healthy social and emotional environment in which children develop trust, autonomy and initiative. We are mindful of the fact that healthy social and emotional development, including the formation of a strong self-concept, has been found by researchers to be an important prerequisite to the development of academic skills. We believe that the early years are critical in children’s development and that the quality of the care and experiences they receive early in their lives will have long-lasting importance.

Program Goals

  • To provide affordable, convenient, dependable child care services.
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment.
  • To teach the child to relate to others, to value friendship and to respect all people.
  • Provide a well-balanced, age-appropriate schedule of activities and quiet times.
  • To provide a qualified Director who effectively attends to the needs of the children, parents, and staff, and conducts systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of the program and staff in meeting these objectives.
  • To provide opportunities for our children to develop an understanding of self and others through developmentally appropriate activities, which encourage the development of physical, emotional and social skills, and intellectual growth.
  • To provide an extraordinary preschool program.
  • To provide a program both indoors and outdoors which fosters optimal growth and development through opportunities for exploration and learning while protecting and enhancing the health and safety of the children and adults.
  • To provide nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks that contribute to the growth and development of happy, healthy individuals.

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